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Thanks for Hyp-
notized Vibez!!

Hach lovely...I'm listening "s.a.n." of hishiryo
and I'm geting the feeling of fucking crazy
summernights with funny mad dancing and
spacing friends and I'm sooooo (ahhh!!!!!)
happy, that the summer is rising in this time.
winter was sooo hard! i'm not the kind of be-
that could live without sun and warmth.......

I'm remembering last summer...my nicest
festivals were the goa gil oa in germany in
ämmm ehehe...I think it was in juny.?......
*lol* On this openair the roots of the crazy
funny darkwisted psytrancemusic were gro-
wing in my body...yeah on this festivals I
was descovering my love for this psy-genre!
and fullmoon-openair in germany..this was
nice too ehehe the last night from monday
to thursday was so beautiful psychodelic...

and I'm looking forward to this summer....
what 'll he bring us?  

2.5.07 20:28

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