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Thanks for Hyp-
notized Vibez!!


is the byword of a psychedelic community,
which consist of artists and djs, friends and
kindly projects which are trying to create hea-
ven and hell on earth with the energy of deco-
tators, lightbeings, musicans, psychelic per-
formers, politics, artists, nature, crazy light,
spiritual workshops and sp[e]aceials..

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x Click: 27.04.2007 - CotDS-3 - Hypnotized Vibez
x Click: November 2006 - CotDS-2 - Ausweihungspaddü
x Click: 20.08.2006 - CotDS-1 - Einweihungspaddü

[Click here]

x Click: Pida a.k.a. Senti Ment All
x Click: Pida a.k.a. Pidanimal

x Chinaski (Berlin, Amsterdam) (CotDS 1+2+3)
x Frühling (Berlin) (CotDS 1+2+3)
x m3dra (Berlin) (CotDS 1+3)
x PsyTronic (Nuevo Brandenburgo) (CotDS 3)
x PsyPirate (Hannover/Minden) (CotDS 3)
x Projekt25 (Trishula Rec., Berlin) (CotDS 1+2)
x DarkWhisper (Alice-D., Bella Itialia) (CotDS 3)
x Fluoro Baba (India, Berlin) (CotDS 1+2)
x Cannibal Crow (PsyCrowDelica, Berlin) (CotDS 3)
x Sacred Ayin (DynamicUnity, Berlin) (CotDS 1+3)
x TaoSen (DynamicUnity, Istanbul) (CotDS 3)
x Janosch (DynamicUnity, Berlin) (CotDS 3)
x Nesjaja (Chromanova.de, Berlin) (CotDS 3)
x Olga Akbal (CotDS 1)
x Psydelyx (CotDS 1)
x Bastel (CotDS 3)

Decorators! (DynamicUnity & friends)
x Die Loki (CotDS 3)
x TaoSen (CotDS 3)
x S.Ayin (CotDS 1+3)
x Die Jou (CotDS 3)
x Die Gabba (CotDS 3)
x Autonome DrugInfoStore (CotDS 3)
x forest camouflage nets (CotDS 3)
x Lights by Matze (CotDS 3)
x Visuals by Die Sterngucker (CotDS 3)
x Brainstorm Prod. (CotDS 2)
x Visuals by Baba D. & Voud (CotDS 2)
x x Visuals by Re:sorb (CotDS 2)
x Claudi (CotDS 1)
x Normi (CotDS 1)
x Jairam (CotDS 1)

"You can*t C tha bright shiney light
if ya don't know 'bout dark side of life...
ALWAYS remember in love 'n light!"


























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