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Thanks for Hyp-
notized Vibez!!

Namaste! Ola! Buenos Tardess! Hallöchen! Que tál?

I'm happy that you've found the way to this site, one
of my liquid mind weblogs.

My Name is Pida, I'm living in Berlin, Ger, I'm 21years.
I like to create Psychedelic Flyers, like to make dread-
locks, to organize PsyEvents, to chill in sun and nature,
to dance free at night, I like joints, Latte Macciato, pis-
tachios, I'm writing poems, trippy thoughts on halluc-
inations, I love popply fields and nights full of warmth,
mi cat Shiva Chandra, my friends, Berlin, Dreadlocks,
Tattoos & bodypaintings, Artists and firejugglers, psy-

I would be happy, if u have a job for me..., maybe a
partyflyer or dreadlocks...just write a mail to:

If you wanna read more, [please click here...]



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